This is manual installation of astreamweb

Requirements: KODI platform and a computer and average IT knowledge


URL Link:

Above you will find the URL link for the repository,The download link will not be necessary unless you are advanced user and know what to do with the repo
1. Start kodi application on your devicebr
2. Navigate to System -> file manager -> Add source -> type the above url (include the http:// )
3. Further down you give the source any name and click ok
4. now navigate to: system -> settings -> add-ons -> install from zip file -> fine the name of the source you gave and then click on repository.astreamweb-2.0.2
5. Once repo gets installed: Now nagivate to: system -> settings -> add-ons -> install from repository -> astreamweb repository -> video addons -> astreamweb -> install
6. now navigate to: video -> video add-ons -> Astreamweb To playback astreamweb content

Thats all