Installation Guide AstreamWeb On Fire TV Device

Requirements: A Fire TV Device

1. The Box will ask you to sign in using your amazon login to complete any updates. We want to ensure we are using the latest firmware from amazon so it's completely safe to update your amazon fire TV.

2. Once you are inside Fire TV perform the following steps:
2.1 Click on this URL for instructions on how to install AstreamWeb Play into your device: Install Guide

Launching for the first time:
When you first time launch Kodi. Leave it running for 5 minutes. Do not start navigating within kodi and open Astreamweb etc. As Kodi needs to download all the latest updates. We need to allow this updates to be installed without getting corrupted and therefore please allow few minutes for the updates to complete.

How to restart Fire TV:
To restart Fire TV you hold down Select button and play/pause button for 5 seconds and release, this will trigger a reboot for Fire TV.

Kodi fails to startup:
If you are unable to start Kodi or you get blank screen upon start up you might want to do a force stop:
Settings -> Applications -> Manage All Installed Applications -> AstreamWeb Play -> Force STOP and start astreamweb again (if that does not work then select clear data which you find in same option list)

How to Fast Forward:
You can use the arrow keys to fast forward by holding them down. or the regular forward and rewind button by clicking on them. clicking up will take you 10 minute ahead. and down arrow button wil ltake you 10 minute back.
Playback Failed or script error
If you have other problems that randomly occur, then please do a "clear data". If you don;t know how to do a clear data please search our FAQ/knowledge base on how to.